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pre-uiL Event

Pre-UIL event details

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 @ Georgetown HS

Click here for a Permission Slip (due 2/24)

Pre-UIL is a practice for UIL C/SR Evaluation. Students will be released from class and report to the Choir Room to change into formal uniforms. They can leave belongings in the Choir Room at school. After busing students to GHS, each choir will go through a pattern with warm-up, concert in the auditorium, and sight-reading. We will bus students back to Benold when they are finished and will be back before the end of the school day. Please check the schedule below for your choir’s schedule and remember to turn in the attached permission slip by Monday, February 24.


  • We suggest students bring their lunch to school on this day as schedules may conflict with lunch periods. All students will have an opportunity to eat lunch.

  • Participation in this event is required to participate in UIL C/SR Evaluation in March. Since this is an evaluation, academic eligibility will not affect participation!

  • UIL Concert/SR Evaluation: Wednesday/Thursday, March 11/12 @ Georgetown HS.








Men’s Choir Uniform Requirements: All men in Men's Choirs are provided a white button up shirt and blue tie by the choir (unless you prefer your own white shirt). Men will provide their own black dress slacks, black belt, black dress shoes and dress socks. Students will be assigned these uniforms and will turn them back in after the UIL Evaluation in March. You may wash white shirts with whites only and hang dry them.







Women’s Choir Uniform Requirements: All ladies in Women's Choirs will be fitted for black dresses. Dresses are dry clean only. Ladies provide their own black closed toe flats. Make-up is optional. Make sure hair is pulled back and out of the face. Students will be assigned these uniforms and will turn them back in after the UIL Evaluation in March.

Cantus Men’s Choir Schedule


Release/Depart Benold @ 8:00/8:20am

Warm-Up Room @ 8:40am

Concert Stage @ 9:00am

Sight-Reading Room @ 9:20am

Depart GHS @ 9:40am

Back to Benold @ 10:00am

Concert Men's Choir Schedule


Release/Depart Benold @ 9:15/9:40am

Warm-Up Room @ 10:00am

Concert Stage @ 10:25am

Sight-Reading Room @ 10:45am

Depart GHS @ 11:05am

Back to Benold @ 11:25am

Bellas Women’s Choir Schedule


Release/Depart Benold @ 11:25/11:50am

Warm-Up Room @ 12:10pm

Concert Stage @ 12:35pm

Sight-Reading Room @ 12:55pm

Depart GHS @ 1:15pm

Back to Benold @ 1:35pm

Concert Women’s Choir Schedule


Release/Depart Benold @ 12:30/1:00pm

Warm-Up Room @ 1:20pm

Concert Stage @ 1:45pm

Sight-Reading Room @ 2:05pm

Depart GHS @ 2:25pm

Back to Benold @ 2:45pm

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