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about us

Mission Statement


Create an organization that produces quality rehearsals and performances in a fun and cooperative environment. The ultimate goal is to help each other:

• Reach the objectives of the GISD Learner Profile
• Enjoy positive/successful experiences at all ability levels
• Create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime
• Appreciate a variety of music styles
• Develop the skills needed to become life-long musicians


Vision Statement

Lead. Serve. Grow. Sing.

Social Contracts

At Benold Choir, we believe in the power of personal responsibility. Our students will hold each other accountable for the very rules that they have made for themselves. All students will sign this contract.

Classroom Procedure

  • Be on time.

  • Enter quietly.

  • Put your backpacks, binders, lunchboxes etc. on the white racks.

  • Sit in your assigned seat on the risers by the time the bell rings.

  • Be prepared. Choir binder, pencils, and high-lighter ready.

  • Begin warm-up promptly.

  • Please wait for your director to dismiss you. The bell does not dismiss you.


Verbal warning
Removal from risers
Student/Teacher Conference
Parent Phone Call
Office Referral
Removal from Choir Program

*** The Director reserves the right to skip steps, based on the severity of the offense.

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