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Hi Volunteers!  We     you!

Remind @bmshelper

Here is a message from GISD if you would like to be a volunteer for any school activity:

All volunteers including those that help carry equipment, chaperone, work concessions, hand out food/uniforms, etc.  – all must submit and clear a background check BEFORE they can help.

The Benold Choir will need chaperones for Region Choir Auditions, UIL Contest, and Spring Trip, as well as help with uniform fittings, social events, and Princess Show!

Click here to register as a volunteer 


Clearance can take 48 hours to a week depending on the volume. It takes a little longer at the beginning of each semester. You may want to make this part of  your beginning of the year information.

Please be sure you email Mr. Pulver a copy of your confirmation.  Thank you!

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