Bellas Women's Choir

Bellas Women's ChoiR

All Bellas will need required paperwork fees information and a t-shirt!  Find out more here!

Our Women's Choirs are choirs that will learn a variety of musical curriculum, perform on concerts and learn all the skills necessary to compete at the UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest.  They are eligible to compete at UIL C/SR Contest and Region Auditions. These students will also have the opportunity to go on our Spring Trip in May.


Informal Uniform:  Ladies will wear choir t-shirts and school appropriate blue jeans.

Formal Uniforms:  All ladies in both the Bella's and Concert Women's Choirs will be fitted for black dresses, and will be provided that dress for concerts. Ladies provide their own black closed toe flats. Make-up is optional. Make sure hair is pulled back and out of the face. Students will be assigned these uniforms in the fall and will turn them back in after the UIL Contest in March.