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Mixed Choir

Mixed Choir


All Choir students will need to purchase a t-shirt.

Students in this choir are required to enroll in Concert Treble, Concert Tenor-Bass, or Bella Voce Choir.

Concert Mixed Choir is the advanced mixed ensemble at Benold Middle School. These students are expected to have consistent attendance and positive attitudes, display great behavior and maintain academic eligibility all year. These students will learn a variety of musical curriculum including a heavy influence on how to sight-read music and prepare performances. They will perform on concerts, and will compete at UIL Concert/Sight-Reading Evaluation and are eligible to compete in MS Region Auditions. These students will also have the opportunity to participate in our spring trip.

Mixed Choir often focuses on pop music, jazz, contemporary and a cappella genres. They will perform around campus and in the community often.


Informal Uniform:  Students will wear choir t-shirts and school appropriate blue jeans.

Formal Uniform:​  We will decide as a choir.

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