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uil concert & sight-reading evaluation

 Hello Parents and Students!

If your son or daughter is a member of our 7th/8th Grade Choir, they will be participating in the UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Evaluation on March 11th, or 12th, at Georgetown High School. The evaluation will be held during the school day and we will provide transportation for all students.

uil concert/sight-reading schedule - all choirs


Attire is as follows:

Women: All ladies will be fitted for black dresses, and will be provided that dress for concerts. Ladies provide their own black closed toe dress shoes (flat). Make-up is optional. Make sure hair is pulled back and out of the face. Contact your director if you need assistance.

Men: All men in Men's Choir are provided a white button up shirt and blue tie by the choir. Men will provide their own black dress slacks/belt and black dress shoes/socks. Contact your director if you need assistance.

Admission is FREE! Parents and community are welcome to join us for this event. Please see the schedule above. After the concert portion, the students will go through the sight-reading. Parents are also welcome to join us there, but please be mindful of cell phones, infants, and talking. The audience can get us disqualified from contest just for talking or having a cell phone go off. Please do not try to get your student's attention during the evaluation. No pictures!

** Please remember to wear your choir shirt with pride. All choirs will have time to change after the Sight-Reading room and before we depart for the Round Rock Outlet Mall, so bring a bag to keep your clothes in! You may change in the gym restrooms. Cell phones need to be left on the bus – DO NOT bring them into the school with you. Any cell phone that is seen or goes off during contest will automatically disqualify the entire choir. This is UIL rule.

Message to parents wishing to attend the contest:

If you have parents that will be attending the contest in their own vehicles, they will need to park as close to the PAC as they can (there is a yellow line marked for Faculty-that is where they need to park).  They will need to come into the PAC lobby and get a parking pass from the contest office to put in their cars so they won’t get a pretty pink sticker on their windows about parking illegally.  If you choose to sit in on our sight-reading, remember that ANY talking or cell phone usage will disqualify the group.

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