Region Choir auditions

The All-Star Team for Choir!

Region Auditions will take place in the Spring semester (early February). Stay tuned for more detailed information.

Coming Soon!

Click here for practice tracks

(password is benoldchoir)

log into your GISD student google account, go to students->Region Tracks->

password: benoldchoir

All 7th/8th grade students in a Concert Choir are required to participate in Region Auditions. It is optional for all other 7th/8th grade students. Music will be worked on all year and the audition submission will be in the form of an audio recording.

Organized by TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association)


  • Date of Audition: Spring semester (February) Official dates coming soon

  • Location: Online Audio Submission

  • Cost: $15.00 per student (includes music, learning trax & registration)

  • There will not be a Clinic & Concert this year


Guidelines for Participation:


  • Participation in the Region Choir Auditions is a required assignment for 7th/8th grade students enrolled in a Concert Choir (Concert Men's & Concert Women's). It is encouraged for all other 7th/8th grade students.

  • If a student participates, they will need to practice their music weekly with the learning trax and music. These will be available through Google Classroom.

  • There will not be a Clinic & Concert this year.

  • Students will be removed from the process if they fail to attend any required activities (online options provided) associated with the audition process, or fail to adequately prepare their music as determined by the choir director. Additional rehearsals will be offered for extra assistance in preparing for the audition.

  • If a student signs up to participate, he or she agrees to follow through the entire audition process.

  • Students must be academically eligible (70% or higher in all classes) in order to submit their audition.

  • Students must register by filling out a Region Choir Application Form by October 1.


The Audition Procedure - This year, all auditions will be submitted online via audio file. Students will have access to the learning trax and sheet music all year long and directors will help students learn the music in and out of class. Many assignments will include this process!

Region Choir Audition Details


If your student is participating in Region Auditions, here is some information you’ll need to know!


Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Location: Online Audio Submission


Transportation: None


What to remember:

  • YOUR MUSIC!! Always rehearse and audition with sheet music.

  • A water bottle. Drink plenty of fluids! Keep your voices hydrated.

  • Confidence. You are an Eagle Choir student, and you will wear it with pride!