Region Choir auditions

The All-Star Team for Choir!

Click here for cuts and practice tracks (password is benoldchoir)

log into your GISD student google account, go to students->Region Tracks->

password: benoldchoir

Region Students will get cuts and help on their music at the GISD Region Prep Night on Friday, October 18 @ 5:00-8:00 pm (Benold MS)

Region Auditions are optional, but strongly encouraged to all 7th/8th grade students.

Download a Middle School Region Choir Audition Contract and Permission Slip

Organized by TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association)


  • Date of Audition: Saturday, October 19th, 2019 (AM)

  • Location: Stony Point HS, Round Rock ISD

  • Cost: $15.00 per student (includes music, registration, transportation and pizza)

  • Attire: Choir shirt and jeans or shorts. Dress comfortably!

  • Date of Clinic and Concert: Saturday, November 2nd 2019 (All day)


Guidelines for Participation:


  • Participation in the Region Choir Auditions process is voluntary, but strongly encouraged.

  • If a student participates, they will need to practice their music daily with the CD and music.  Music and rehearsal CDs are provided to students.

  • If a student is selected at audition, he/she is required to attend the clinic/concert on Saturday, November 3, at Georgetown High School.

  • Students will be removed from the process if they fail to attend any required activities associated with the audition process, or fail to adequately prepare their music as determined by the choir director. Before and/or after school rehearsals will be offered for extra assistance in preparing for the audition.

  • If a student signs up to participate, he or she agrees to follow through the entire audition process.

  • Students must be academically eligible (70% or higher in all classes) in order to attend the audition.

  • Students must register by turning in a completed contract and permission form by August 31.


The Audition Procedure - At the audition, portions of the required songs are auditioned by every student from every school district in the region. These “cuts” will be given out by the choir director at least 24 hours prior to contest. The students audition for a judging panel (hidden behind a screen) of judges. The audition takes about 2 minutes. Each student receives a score for their audition and the highest ranked students in each voice part are selected for the choir All-Region Choir.

Region Choir Audition Details


If your student is participating in Region Auditions, here is some information you’ll need to know!


Date: Saturday, October 19th, 2019

Time: 6:45 am–1:30 pm (approx.) Meet at Benold by 6:45 am, buses leave at 7:00 am. We will return to Benold about 1:30 pm and celebrate results with pizza! We anticipate being done by 2 pm. Join Remind for updates!

Location: Stony Point High School, Round Rock ISD

Attire: Choir shirts and jeans or shorts. Dress comfortably!


Transportation: Provided to the audition and back. We will meet at Benold Middle School at 6:45 am. The bus will leave at 7:00 am. We will be feeding the students pizza as we return to the school and estimate a return of 1:00-1:30 pm, at Benold Middle School. Please plan to pick up your student promptly, and contact your student’s director if you need to pick your student up at the audition site.


What to bring: 

  • YOUR MUSIC!! You must have original copies of your music with you or you will be disqualified.

  • A water bottle. Drink plenty of fluids! Keep your voices hydrated.

  • Confidence. You are an Eagle Choir student, and you will wear it with pride!

  • A snack for the bus or a little cash in case they have a concession. Remember, pizza is provided when we return!


What NOT to bring:

  • Electronic devices. NO electronic devices are allowed at this contest for ANY reason. This includes CELL PHONES. If caught with an electronic device, the student will be disqualified. Leave cell phones on bus or with chaperone (turned off) so they can turn it in to the contest office. Seriously!

  • A frown. If accidentally taken, turn that frown – upside down.


Other things:

  • DO NOT sing ANYTHING at the audition unless you are told to do so! You can be disqualified.

  • If your student is selected for the All-Region Choir, please plan for them to attend the Region Choir Clinic & Concert on Saturday, November 3, at the Georgetown HS PAC. Admission to the concert is free.